What’s new this season? I can assure you that now it’s time to celebrate your individuality (if you haven’t done it already), therefore you can play around and create all new sorts of styles for yourself. So, this season it’s time to show the uniqueness of style through the multitude of trends waiting to be worn.

Floral prints could be one way to express your style, for instance. There is no easier way to transition your wardrobe from summer to autumn: the flowers turn a little bit darker which doesn’t mean that they are less good-looking. The color palette reaches from burgundies to deep blues to even blacks. Besides that, florals are always a good idea, especially if you can wear it head-to-toe in ESCADA. It’s a two-piece, more precisely, consisting of suit trousers and a perfectly matching blazer.

The outfit fits entirely into the scenery around lake Iseo which is by the way not that popular. Surely you will know lake Garda or lake Como but ever heard of Lago d’iseo? It may not be the most famous one but definitely the most charming.