The hotel in Monaco we stayed at was actually located near the harbor: Port Hercules. Perhaps you might be familiar with the image of it if you have seen the James Bond movie from 1995. The harbor of Monaco is the only deep-water port in Monaco (which doesn’t come as a surprise considered how small the whole city-state is) and one of the extremely rare places on earth where wealthy people can feel small again. This is the epicenter of the super-rich, therefore there is no place in the world where you can find so many luxury yachts in one single location. Ships which cost more than one million dollars per meter – and are longer than 60 meters. This isn’t just because of the world’s famous Monaco Yacht Show but because this is a place where there are a lot of people able to rent/own such swimming palaces. In case you were wondering: a 140-million-dollar ship costs easily more than a million-dollar rent every week if you choose to take this sort of vacation.

Surprisingly the luxury yachts aren’t the most decadent thing in Port Hercules. The gastronomic scene earns this title as well. I will just tell you that I finally know why brands like MCM and Louis Vuitton sell their lunch-box bags…seriously it’s ridiculously overpriced since there are enough “luxury yacht people” driving up the prices.

My outfit consists of an off-shoulder top and a midi length skirt made out of two-tone basket weave mesh and bonded lace which also has a flared cut. If you’re lucky to be invited to a yacht party, this might be your perfect outfit for that occasion. It is casual but chic at the same time.