As Christmas is only 5 days away here are some tips on what to wear during the festive season. It is well-advised to think some things trough; if you’re wondering about what to wear, try to remember all badly chosen outfits you’ve ever worn on this occasion. Most importantly: try to remember the reasons you regretted your outfit choice.

I once went for a dress out of silk with lace accessories… didn’t know that everyone else had the impression that Christmas is some sort of casual happening. Avoided being the “overdressed Madame” by eating lots of cookies in the most childish way I managed to pull off.

Being smarter in the next year, I chose a very beautiful blouse with black skinny jeans… and since it was a particular beautiful blouse with a stunning lace detailing I got close to being overdressed again. Especially since it appears that everyone else got even more casual. Nearly ripped that pair of jeans apart when trying my cookie-distraction. Really bad choice.

Furthermore: Layering isn’t a great concept when restaurants are involved which are chosen by family members you tend to meet only twice a year. There’s a high risk of losing the clothes you’re wearing to the smell of cold fat… at least if you go for cashmere. So, try to risk as few fashion pieces as possible. Also: if you’re only working with two layers – don’t make the mistake of going for a thick coat and a nice blouse… go for a warm and comfy first layer, followed by anything to keep you warm during the few minutes you’re in fresh air. Don’t make the mistake of getting a cold in badly chosen restaurants.

So… checklist time… your outfit needs to be warm and comfy, able to hide cookie-expansion-room, not to flashy yet – obviously – stylish. I went for an outfit that consists of a black angora sweater and a flared skirt colored in burgundy. The sweater is super soft and keeps me really warm while the skirt is made from satin. I tried out my choice in the streets of Venice… went the longest route by foot (as far as possible from the Hotel) and had brilliant lunch (Spaghetti with squid, followed by brilliant beef) and afterwards took photos with it. Neither looked it bloated or cold, nor felt it this way.


Sweater: ESCADA Skirt: ESCADA Shoes: Buffalo