What is there to say about the SL 400 except for the two most obvious things? First of all, it is definitely the most elegant looking cabriolet from Mercedes Benz (in my opinion). Second, with its 4,70m length you will hardly find another convertible as long as this.

In addition to the SL we had a S-class to explore the Tuscan regions, so there was absolutely a chance to switch cars whenever we wanted. But, I simply did not want to. Don’t get me wrong, the S-class is an amazing car as well (will write about that in a different blogpost) but the SL 400 is just the perfect travel companion when it comes to driving along the beautiful Tuscan roads with its many hills and curves during spring/summer. Especially with the roof down. I mean what is better than feeling the wind blowing through your hair and face? And it doesn’t even get cold thanks to air-scarf which will blow warm air into your neck.

Combing a black leather biker jacket with a shirt and a maxi skirt was the ideal styling choice for a drive in the SL. The shirt and skirt are both made out of jersey and therefore really comfortable to wear. The leather jacket will keep you warm during cold spring evenings and is just the perfect fashion allrounder. Honestly, you can never be wrong with a leather jacket. All in all, the outfit is extremely cool and practical at the same time.


Shirt: ESCADA Jacket: ESCADA Skirt: ESCADA