Just another spring/summer fashion month has come through with trendy colors leaving behind a vibrant rainbow. Next to a lot of other bright and vivid colors like primrose yellow, pale pink or denim blue, a greenish shade is a nice stylish color to wear this season.

Green is the color to go in 2017 as to say, “a green-yellow shade that evokes the first days of spring.” We all may know that green is the color of hopefulness and furthermore our connection to nature. So, for my outfit I decided to wear a green jumper. It has a shortened cut and the fabric has a ripped look. In addition, the jumper comes with oversized shoulders and attached stand-up collar. And the color is, of course, green!

To fit it I’m wearing a mid-length pencil skirt made of imitation leather with metal zips on the back creating a classical look. For color, I chose a darker red just because, well, for reasons. Besides that, red appears to be another spring/ summer 2017 trend and this color matches perfectly with green designing some color-blocking.

Luckily the outfit matches perfectly into the background with palms and cactuses which is by the way shot in the botanical garden in Munich. Definitely worth a visit.