One option for spring/summer clothing is – obviously – to wear several layers. You never know if the weather will change its mind and go from sunny warm climate to cold and rainy weather, especially in April. Therefore, you can kill two birds with one stone by staying warm (or cold in case of un-layering) and creating a certain fashionable look.

For my layering look I went for a black double buttoned vest dress in maxi length with a straight and sleeveless design. The vest is slightly flared and has a belt which accentuates the waistline when tied up. But there’s of course the option of not tying the belt up to hide a little belly from eating too much burgers for lunch. Even then the dress generates a clean sleek look thanks to its monochrome color and long cut which fits closely to your body through the weight of the fabric itself. Under the vest dress I’m wearing black high-waist pants and a white ruffle blouse with statement sleeves. The trousers have a straight and loose fit leg à la Marlene pants and fit tight in the waistline which creates a perfect hourglass silhouette. The white blouse is made of a translucent light fabric with cute little ruffle bell sleeves.

As you can see I didn’t just go for the casual layering look but even went a bit further and gave it a sort of classical touch; inspired by Munich’s neoclassical architecture. The King’s Square (Königsplatz) with its reminiscing ancient Greek style and very clean straight shapes was a welcoming playground for this vest dress.