Forecasting the future, I can tell you that this sunburnt countryside in Spain right now will look very much like the one in Germany in late summer. Maybe not like the West-Midlands, but people from Birmingham migrate to Ibiza anyways – and that’s fairly the same sight.  To be prepared for this occasion I spent a weekend on the Iberian Peninsula and made some decisions on what to wear during this coming season.

To match the light brown grass, I picked a feminine and playful outfit that consisted of a maxi skirt and an off-shoulder denim blouse with cropped cut. The top has flounces on the sleeves and a rather fitted shape – ideal to combine with a loose fitting maxi skirt in floral print

that will perfectly swing in the wind when you walk. And trust me – you will need some air to survive the warm climate there. In addition to that, the skirt is made out of translucent light fabric and is fitted in the waist by an elastic band. To protect yourself from the sun, add a cute little hat and – voilà – you will be the best dressed person around. Not just by German and Birmingham-standards (as if that was ever a challenge) but on an European level.