Still being in Spain and enjoying the late summer feeling, I decided to go for another outfit which fitted entirely into the sunburnt countryside-look. The shooting was really fun – as always – and the weather just perfectly right. Well, no surprise there since rain isn’t at all likely in the period between July and October.

As a consequence, I chose a huge hat and sun glasses as my accessories and left my umbrella at home. I also picked a more casual but still playful look this time that consisted of pleated pants and an oversized shirt with stripes. The shirt I’m wearing has a round neck, is made out of translucent light fabric and is oversized fit so that it falls generously over the body. The cut of the pleated pants on the other hand is slightly loose but still fitted in the waist by an elastic band. The pleats are made out of transparent material as well and will elegantly swing in the wind when you walk which is ideal for a hot day on the Iberian Peninsula.