The Place du Casino in Monaco can be considered as the epicenter of glamour in Europe. First of all, there is the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo which is a luxury hotel at the heart of Monaco. Next to its right is the Monte-Carlo Casino which is primarily the go-to-place for the rich and the famous. Hence, it’s not surprising at all you won’t find anything affordable for shopping around that area. The designer stores in the Cercle d’Or district around Place du Casino are filled with haute couture and prêt-a-porter. From Chanel to Prada, you can definitely find everything your heart desires.

The boutiques who are shaped like pavilions were designed by architect Richard Martinet as a new style concept for shopping. But they won’t last forever as the buildings are planned to be dismantled in 2018. So, don’t wait any longer with your shopping trip to Monaco!

But offering every important designer label doesn’t mean that you will only find people with good taste. On the contrary, this place is neither a source of a certain style, nor for a unique one… for plenty of reasons. People come from everywhere around the globe – in order not to pay taxes in their home countries – which makes it a sort of melting pot. Sure, you will still find luxury and glamour on every corner but it’s a question of quality and not quantity.

To be taken seriously you surely have to wear some sort of designer clothing and you should be familiar with the basic concept of wearing it… but do keep in mind: wearing high-end fashion can be overdone as well. Is it really necessary to wear half a dozen of accessories and clothes from every existing designer label just to show off?

Speaking of fashion, I decided to wear my much-loved blue pleated skirt and combined it with a beautiful white silk blouse. I chose an explicitly classy style since it was a night out in Monaco and as said before when in Rome…