Let me tell you something about Italy or more specifically about the countryside east of Bergamo where Lago d’Iseo is located. Besides the fact that you can’t visit Italy often enough – which I obviously do since it is my second time just in Lombardy within a year – there is one ideal type of car for every kind of Italian road. So, due to its driving performance it definitely made sense to bring a Mercedes-AMG S 63 4MATIC+ Coupé to get to the village where we had our lovely hotel. Becoming our yearly routine to stay at the Colletto AgriBioRelais we were aware of the steep serpentines which made the 4MATIC+ a necessity lucky to have. But the biggest perk is most certainly that this is by far the most elegant of all Mercedes Benz cars. There is no other car which is mainly designed to look good like the five-meter-long S-class coupé with its tiny boot space and the sheer endless bonnet. The AMG trim is of course the finest interior (except maybe for the Maybach trim) with its luxurious ambiance with a love of detail you can opt for. The mini fridge in the boot was a nice little extra to store some beverages since it was big enough for two bottles. So, when we arrived at the Relais, the Aperol was already cooled down.

Speaking of liquids, Lombardy is one of the few regions where you can completely live without imported food and simply rely on local products such as wine, cheese, meat, fruit, mushrooms and so on. The quality is usually pretty high in these northern Italian regions but somehow the Colletto AgriBioRelais managed to raise the bar even higher not only when it came to food but also in case of comfort and atmosphere. So I certainly hope to manage to visit there again soon and maybe with another suitable vehicle. Who knows?