With winter finally coming to an end – well I certainly hope so – and all the inspiring new trends for spring/ summer 2020 shown during fashion week it is time for a change in your wardrobe. But you don’t have to go out and buy everything new since the presented trends can easily be worn with your already existing fashion pieces. 

Back in the days fashion had to reinvent itself every season and designers came up with loads of new clothing lines but contemporarily, there’s a huge change happening in the fashion industry. More and more luxury companies are focusing on sustainability in their fashion and are taking the lead in this manner. Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent announced that their own activities and the entire supply chain would be committed to climate neutrality with immediate effect. Or to rely on materials such as recycled nylon, bio-viscose or biodegradable shoe soles, as in the case of Stella McCartney. 

So, on a personal level it’s good news for your wardrobe staples as you can wear all your favorite classics again. Here are four evergreens you will love to wear during spring 2020. 

1. Leather Dresses

Dress: NA-KD / Boots: ESCADA

As one of our fashion favorites par excellence, nothing can beat the simultaneous elegance and coolness of leather. The fabric conquers every piece of clothing bit by bit, giving it a completely new look and new styling possibilities, as well as for mini dresses. The best part of this is that a leather dress, no matter what color, already creates a whole look.  



2. Midi Dresses

Dress: & Other Stories / Boots: ESCADA

Another classic whose advantage of being directly dressed should not be underestimated: A midi dress is exactly the classic you want on all those days when you have absolutely no plan what you would like to combine. Only the accessories will give you new space to think about what combines best but don’t worry: you will face multiple options once again.



3. Blue Jeans

Turtleneck: BOSS / Jeans: LEVIS

It is hardly a possibility that denim ever went out of fashion. With the spring collections delivering a variety of blue jeans, from straight leg jeans to Bermuda shorts to a 70s inspired high waist cut. What I love most about the latter: the high waistband which is not only comfortable and easy to style, but also compliments the waist and creates long legs.



4. Power Suits

Blazer & Pants: ESCADA

Most of us probably own a blazer by now, but not a pantsuit. It’s a pity actually, hardly any classic is better known for its versatility over the past few seasons. Whether it’s combining a heritage-check blazer with matching pants or wearing a monochrome tailored trouser suit, with these evergreens you will always be good to go. And a little Power Suiting is perfect for your everyday confident look.