Whoever has experience of working from home knows this feeling: sleeping a few minutes longer instead of commuting to work early and spending the day without any makeup instead of trying to cover up your dark eye circles from your regularly short nights. This is not even the best part: wearing sweatpants or in general comfy clothes can sometimes feel so much better than not knowing which blazer will fit to the rest of your work outfit. So yes, home office can prove to be liberating and simplify some things.

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But in difficult times like these when a pandemic paralyzes everyday life – for who knows how long – it is important to stay focused. Letting yourself go will not only affect your long-term motivation, it will also have an impact on our minds. Especially in context of the current corona virus crisis, mental strength will put you through hard times due to being beneficial to your health. 

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Mental dressing is therefore the keyword: through the right outfits we keep our spirit high. Don’t get me wrong, I personally love slipping into sweatpants or even my pajamas after a long day of work and other social obligations but wearing comfy clothes all day long won’t help you staying motivated in long terms. Decorating the visible part of your apartment only (yourself included) for your video conferences is a mixed blessing. Clothes influence our mood – think about the invincible feeling when wearing the perfect feel-good outfit – and therefore will help keeping you productive. Here are two possibilities on what to wear during home office.

Don’t worry you don’t have to start wearing denim all of a sudden. Comfortable clothes are no contradiction for a great business look at home, this is why I for myself love dressing up in cotton pants and oversized shirts. There’s a difference between casual and sloppy so if you style your sweatpants right you can even pull this look off. Another option could be a maxi dress you can simply slip in and out, for days you don’t want to put too much effort into your outfit but doing so either way. It also gives you a nice side effect: looking forward to those spring days outside when the crisis won’t affect our daily lives with this huge impact.

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