Are you ready for the Holidays? It’s the middle of December and Christmas doesn’t seem so far away, so I decided to give you some tips on what to wear during the holiday season.

Thinking festive, a city comes to mind which isn’t famous for being a winter wonderland due to the lack of snow but is wonderful nonetheless. A magical place where time seems to stand still. The capital of the Italian region Veneto… Venice has a wonderful Christmas flair which makes it perfect for a short trip during the Advent season. The Piazza San Marco is the primary public square in Venice as once Napoleon called it “the drawing room of Europe” and is dominated at its eastern end by the great Basilica di San Marco. The Piazzetta di San Marco is strictly speaking not really part of it but a neighboring open space between the south side of the Piazza and the waterway of the lagoon.

I am wearing a knee-length shirt dress which is colored in black and has a relaxed fit. You can wear it either loose or tight by adding a belt to accentuate your waistline. My coat is perfect for the cold season as it is made out of wool and will definitely keep you warm. The orange color adds a little extra to the look – which is welcoming for the grey and cold season. Dress and coat are both from ESCADA as well as the fur stole I’m wearing. My bag from Burberry and my shoes are perfectly matching as they both have buckle detailing. This elegant but yet comfortable look suits the ancient style of Venice – in particular around Christmas time.